onsdag 6 juli 2011

Amon Düül II - Yeti

Possibly one of the best krautrock albums ever known to mankind. Amon Düül II has been around since '68 and together with Can they established the genre "krautrock".

Eye-shaking King

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  1. Vamthic ( iranian atmospheric rock band ) released a new album called " Midnight sun" after two years . use the link below for free download :

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    Vamthic biography :

    Vamthic as it is currently formed , was based on a passion to play rock music by Saber Taheri and Iman Fallahzadeh forming the core of the band formerly called " Manhunt " , reperforming the greatest hits of rock and metal , leading the band to get a vision of the genre and to achieve the required experience and the ability to write and perform own songs. keeping on playing till the 2008 the first... demo album " When you born " consisting of 6 instrumental non studio-recorded pieces was released through the web . Despite others cooperating with the band from time to time, finally there were , Farzad Azim Beyk (bass guitar) and Sasan Ghods(drums) who joined the other two and formed the main structure of the band , performing few songs and riffs sporadically, not lasting for so long Farzad Azimbeyk left the band .
    In 2010 Saber Taheri and Iman Fallahzadeh , so determined to write their own pieces of different themes featuring vocal performance based on both English and Persian lyrics, resumed to perform separately as " Vamthic " , starting with the song " Flying to the stars " released as a single .

    Vamthic`s first officially album called "Midnight sun" released on November 17 , 2011

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