söndag 31 oktober 2010


Sorry for the huge break. New computer, school, busy times I tell you.
But, finally bought camera charger, wich i haven't got since july. New fresh pics incoming.

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  1. hej. grym last.fm, grym blogg.

  2. hello!

    very fine and interesting blog! n fact i am trying to make my own and i though id like it to look somehow similar to Yours. Im completely new at blogspot and im having difficulties to make my blog look like id like it to. Do You use some template or do You made it yourself? can You make it a template for me? in not very good at html. i.e. i dont know hot to adjust it to the left side of the page for god sake! :) or to make a title transparent. thanks in advance!

  3. Hey kabar!

    I've design it with my own pictures and such, but for some reason, my new computer doesn't work along with the measures so the bgpic is fakked up. I'm no html-user aswell so my friend did the html work. But add Jesper Unsterblich Vísindi@facebook, my friend, ask him about the html codes and he will help you, just let him know that me, Robert, guided you!

  4. http://theuniverseofeternaldreams.blogspot.com/
    i really like it see my blog please

  5. hello! thanks for response Robert:) i know its been almost 3 years since Ive asked the question but still its very important for me as Im tryning to set up a blog again. Shame theres no new stuff on Yours!