måndag 23 augusti 2010

Vision Éternel - Abondance de périls

band: Vision Éternel
country: Canada
genre: Ethereal, ambient, dreamish
year: 2009(?)
similar: nothing else could be compered to this

note: the file name is spelled wrong "Éternel" is the correct spelling, not "Éthereal", stupid me


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  1. Hey Atmosfearic. I noticed that you had posted this album of Vision Eternel earlier this year, and I appreciate that immensely! I'm almost done with the 4th EP, which should be out VERY shortly and also a split with Marc Doudin, and was wondering if you would like to take this opportunity to cover these news on your site. You can call it a scoop. Maybe you'd like to do an interview or something of the sort.

    If you're not interested, would you be kind enough to suggest another site who would be interested in covering my band.

    You can reach me at alex@abridgedpause.com

    Here are some links of Vision Eternel


    PS, you can delete this comment when you have read it.